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Nature of Reality things about god is real 0

Generally I will muse upon the character of truth in this essay, and specifically, the happening at beginning of time of god. I likewise incorporate into this way of thinking what part in my opinion he would to perform it in all, and lord. I will use some things I understand of technology to explain what Iā€™m to become so. Today, obviously many know that it allegedly started at the start of the world, and of the big bang. Many learn of the regulations of thermodynamics and research. Another law claims that power just turned into another form or damaged, cannot be produced. Today, some science majors also know it that for time to exist inside a system, movement should also occur. If you believe of an atom stopping to spin this last one makes more sense. Well, imagine the entire world being an atomic connection and you will see my point. Generally, because the universe was at rest per the guidelines of technology, prior to the big bang, some other pressure needed to work upon the universe to start the growth of the world. Furthermore, because power damaged or cannot be produced, but only change forms, it is difficult