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Well, few PS3 users actually care that they could in fact set up a Linux OS on its HDD, and also transform it right into something as good as a pc, however this without a doubt occurs to be a great choice for those care about it. Nonetheless, one of the most significant factors behind the customers not caring too much about this choice occurs to be the large fact that PS3 supports just the Linux Os. Indeed, it makes a lot of feeling if Sony wants to acquire mass licenses for Windows XP/Vista from Microsoft and Mac OS-X from Apple. Certainly, Microsoft would not truly like reduce down their rates to support Sony in advertising the PS4, as well as instead make use of this idea in the next generation X-Box pc gaming console. But, Windows Os is undoubtedly the king of all OS after so many years. Yet, the Mac OS-X has additionally acquired widespread appeal, and also Apple could find it extremely useful to offer more affordable licenses for the OS-X for all the PS4 to be released. This will certainly not only assist Sony in raising the degree of appeal and most importantly the sales of